We realize that, in order to have a year-round supply of vegetables, a grower is challenged to grow almost all of that full year’s supply in the course of about 7 months. That’s not to say that winter gardening doesn’t provide. In Oregon, it does provide…..greens. But, to get the quantity and diversity of foodstuffs that we want to eat all winter and into spring, we have to grow most of that winter food in the summer and early fall, when the days are long and the delicious carbohydrates develop rapidly. Some seasonal humility, an ounce or two of peak-oil-climate-change-disaster-capitalist-doomerism, and the feeling that hearty crops like potato, winter squash, leek, carrot and beet are some of the best food there is, has inspired us to create our niche in “late season” storage crops farming. If they are adapted to local conditions, produce abundantly, thrive (or at least survive) in adversity, store well in the field or in the cellar, and provide large amounts of nutrition per unit of land cultivated…we call them “Apocalypticrops.” We’ll enjoy them this winter and save seed for another.

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