Medicinal Sanctuary

In the interest of cultivating medicinal plants and preserving the threatened biological diversity of native and non-native beneficial species, we have begun to plant out and build a multiple-niche ecological sanctuary here at the farm.  We are cultivating the muddy low places, shady maples, and dry slopes into wild-type prairie, woodland, and wetland micro-ecosystems for the growth and harvest of medicinal species. We hope to grow to production- level by the end of this year, and are excited to share experience regarding mixed landscape cultivation, medicine making and production, and community based health care.

Why a sanctuary?

Widespread ecological destruction and human impact deeply compromises many of the ecosystems in which wild herbs people have long used as medicine flourish. As a return to plant medicine spreads, potent and well-loved plants are often over-harvested. We suggest learning intimately about these ecosystems, and carefully stewarding them in the wild. And better than harvesting wild plants for human use, learning to create wild-type environments in our parks and gardens in which they can thrive.

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